Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

We have our latest sports beef and it involves two unlikely participants. Make that one unlikely participant: Thunder forward Kevin Durant. The other member is Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s First Take and various other programming shows.

The ‘beef’ started when Smith reported that he heard from his people that Durant’s likely landing spot if he enters free agency would be Los Angeles as opposed to Washington DC. Durant fired back and basically called Smith a liar. The full Durant quote is below, courtesy of Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman:

That Tweet went up on Friday giving Stephen A. a full weekend to compose a thoughtful and intelligent response. On Monday morning’s First Take, Smith delivered his response promo which included the following:

He also seemed to threaten Durant by asking him “do you really want to go there?”:

“This implication that I don’t know stuff?  Y’all better think twice about that… I can find out in ten minutes at a basketball arena then I can on the phone with fifty different people inside two weeks.  Think about that and ask yourself do you really want to go there.”

The full 21 minute segment can be viewed here.

After the show aired, Smith predictably went on the defense on his Twitter account and maintained that he did not threaten Durant (while also plugging his radio show):

Apparently Smith believes telling another person: “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me” is not a threat but a factual statement?

Durant hasn’t responded yet and I doubt he will. He’d rather spend his Monday helping kids by building them basketball courts in OKC rather than stooping down to Stephen A’s levels.

And that IS a fact:

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