Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Remember that (dumb) rule the NCAA  had where if a player dunked in pregame warmups, his team would be assessed a technical foul? Well that rule was abolished this summer so we will get to see some pregame dunks in college basketball from now on. But the reason it was implemented in the first place was to prevent the type of events that occurred in the Clippers-Raptors preseason game on Sunday.

Playing at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver (former home of the Vancouver Grizzlies), Blake Griffin had an alley-oop dunk during pregame and I guess the rims/backboards/shot clock at the arena haven’t been maintained since the Grizz left in 2001:

I love the fist pump of approval that DeAndre Jordan gives afterwards. Here is the aftermath:

Fortunately, everything was quickly restored but I can’t help but picture Steve Francis watching this, laughing to himself, and saying, “Playing basketball in Vancouver!? LOL.”

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