Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Rashad Jennings hadn’t made much of a name for himself prior to Sunday. He struggled while on the field and threw Eli Manning under the bus while off the field. But he certainly made a name for himself vs. the Bills for good and bad reasons.

First, to be cynical, we’ll start with the bad:

Jennings had the unfortunate experience of meeting an unblocked Mario Williams in the Giants’ backfield. What happens when a 230 lb running back runs into a 290 lb defensive end? You get a WWE-style piledriver that had many proclaiming on social media: RIP Rashad Jennings 1985-2015.

Jennings may hear about this from his teammates but #77 John Jerry is going to hear about it from the O-line coach for somehow forgetting that Mario Williams is right in front of him and needs to be blocked.

However, Jennings’ demise was indeed exaggerated and he bounced back in a big way. Perhaps fueled by the fact that the Williams tackle made him an unwanted social media trend, Jennings decided to be on the giving end in this next play. Poor Baccari Rambo was nothing but a speedbump on Jennings’ way to the endzone on this game-sealing touchdown:

Whether good or bad, at least Jennings is now known for something that happened on the field.

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