By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

DirecTV has really struck a gold mine of marketing when it comes to their new campaign.  You know the one:

Well, that campaign has sprouted offshoots with the NFL season and quarterbacks Eli Manning, Andrew Luck, and Tony Romo all participating in versions of the ad. Randy Moss has his own version as well. Aside from the actual commercials, it’s become a popular meme to use whenever a player or coach blunders during the course of a game.

Now, we’ve gotten to the fan produced video portion of the trend.  Tennessee fan and YouTube user Andrew Spencer made his version of the DirecTV commercial with 1st and 2nd half Tennessee football.

Perfect. I particularly enjoy the “helmet” that the cable version of Tennessee football is wearing. Tennessee looks to get on track this week against another team that has looked like a cable vs DirecTV outfit: Arkansas.

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