Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

All college football fans know that if you want to see offense, you watch the Big 12. But the Las Vegas sportsbooks are expecting an offensive showdown the likes we have never seen before. The over/under for the game reached a record high of 90.5 in one Vegas sportsbook on Wednesday, eclipsing the previous high of 88 for the 2012 Oklahoma State-Baylor game which finished with 74 total points.

Baylor (3-0) enters the game as the highest-scoring team in all of FBS at 64 points per game. They opened their season with 56 points vs. SMU, then 66 vs. Lamar, and reached 70 last week vs. Rice. Texas Tech (3-1) enters as the third-highest scoring team at 53.8 points per game. Their point totals in their four games have been 59, 69, 35, and 52 (in a loss to TCU).

By Friday afternoon, the majority of sportsbooks had the over/under at 88 with a couple as high as 89. According to, the five highest over/unders over the past 10 years have all been Big 12 matchups with four of them involving Baylor. That list may be updated yet again at the end of the year as Baylor takes on TCU on November 27. The Horned Frogs are currently the fifth highest scoring team in FBS at 51 points per game.

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