Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Imagine having just signed a $200 million dollar deal with a shoe company and that company wastes no time in springing into action when the deal begins.

Alas, that picture from above is not James Harden’s reaction to Adidas dropping off $200 million on his doorstep. However, it is his reaction to the shoe company dropping off boxes and boxes and more boxes of shoes onto his doorstep. Harden’s deal with Adidas officially started on October 1 and will run, presumably, through September 30, 2028, when “The Beard” will be “The Graybeard” as he’ll be 39 years old. But for now, The Wait Is Over:


On a side note, I would have much rather preferred to see Harden’s reaction to $200 million being rolled onto his driveway.

For those wondering why Harden was spotted in Nikes right after signing his Adidas deal, Harden’s deal with Nike mandated that he wear their gear for the entirety of his contract. That contract ended at the end of September and now Harden is the property of Adidas. If Harden now was photographed wearing Nike or anything other than Adidas, then you’d have a story.

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