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Catching a foul ball at the ballpark is a quintessential and memorable experience for anybody whose ever been to a baseball game. Well, maybe Steve Bartman would disagree, but you get the point.

Only problem with catching a foul ball is it’s far from a sure thing that you’ll get the coveted opportunity to catch one. You can sit in the perfect location, bring your glove and be ready to pounce if a ball makes it’s way to your section, but it might never come.

That definitely wasn’t the problem for one Yankees fan (who looks kind of like Rick Astley, by the way) who got not only one chance at a foul ball, but three separate shots at it. THREE – in one game! What are the odds?! And beyond that, what are the odds that this would happen to a guy with the worst hand-eye coordination that I’ve ever seen.

Not only did the man drop all three balls, but thankfully, cameras captured each futile attempt. Somebody get this guy a glove ASAP.

[mlbvideo id=”508346983″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

[h/t Deadspin]

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