Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Ever since USC’s decline in the late 2000s, Oregon has been the unquestioned top team of the Pac-12.

Not anymore.

It remains to be seen if Utah, UCLA or another team will seize that position; but the Utes put it on the Ducks in Oregon with a shocking final score of 62-20. It was Oregon’s worst home loss in 38 years and it would be a miracle if they’re still ranked come next week while the Utah victory will have them knocking on the door of the top 10.

The highlight (or lowlight if you’re a Ducks fan) was the 69 yard punt return touchdown late in the third quarter. Despite already being up by 35 points, the Utes didn’t hesitate in using a fake on the return to spring Boobie Hobbs for the score, Not only were the Ducks tricked on the play, but apparently the FOX cameraman was as well:


This was similar to the Rams’ infamous fake punt return TD against the Seahawks last season.

After the game the Utes mocked the Oregon fans who were still remaining and then sung the fight song in Autzen Stadium:


This just about sums up everything:


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