Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports


Not quite, but there was something suspicious that happened in and after the Panthers win over the Saints. After a Saints drive was extended due to an unnecessary roughness penalty on the Panthers against Luke McCown, there was a similar play when the Panthers got the ball. However, even though there was contact to possibly warrant a penalty (no flag was thrown), the referee, Ed Hochuli made a comment to Cam Newton that I’m sure the league will be looking into.

Here is video of the exchange between Hochuli and Newton:

I’ll have Cam and his spiffy wardrobe take it from here:

At first I thought Hochuli said the comment in jest to Newton but judging from his reaction; this was no joke to him. For what it’s worth, Luke McCown, filling in for Drew Brees, is 34 years old and making his first start in 5 years. Cam Newton is 26 years old and, thus, doesn’t have ‘senoirity’ if there is such a thing when it comes to penalties.

Hochuli is one of the most popular refs in the league and has become a human meme generator over the years. But he also has made his fair share of mistakes in critical situations and if this is true, he could be looking at discipline from the league.

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