Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

You have to admire players who try to squeak out every possible yard on a play by any means necessary. Brandon Marshall is one of those players and he was encountered with that situation in Sunday’s loss to the Eagles. Marshall was on the receiving end of a 15 yard completion and then was surrounded by Eagles defenders. Instead of just going down, Marshall unnecessarily tried lateraling to Jeff Cumberland and the result was disastrous:

Not since Reggie Bush in the Rose Bowl have I seen such a bone-headed lateral attempt. Marshall was surrounded by five players and only one of them had the same color jersey that he had on. Also, it was just the second quarter so there’s no need to even think about this type of play. #DoinTooMuch

Afterwards Marshall owned up to his mistake with a slight bit of hyperbole:

It’s a bit ironic that this play comes just days after Marshall said it pisses him off not be including in the discussion for the best receiver in the NFL. Sorry, B-Marsh, but the best don’t make plays like that.

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