Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

MLB teams are mostly made up of guys in their 20s and 30s. So when there’s a 40-year-old on the roster, the other players can’t help but poke fun, but still honor, the elder statesman. The Minnesota Twins did it earlier this season when Torii Hunter turned 40 years old and now the San Francisco Giants are doing it with Tim Hudson.

Hudson is retiring at the end of the season but before he hangs them up, he will start on Saturday vs. the Athletics. The game will be a reunion of sorts as Barry Zito (yes, that Barry Zito) will return to the mound and start for the A’s. To complete the reunion, Mark Mulder will throw out the first pitch as all members of the early 2000s A’s big three will be participating in some form or fashion.

To celebrate the end of his career, Hudson’s teammates decided to dress up like him for their road trip to Oakland:

Bald head. Cream white polo. Dad jeans. Yep, sounds like your typical 40-year-old.

I’m sure Athletics fans wouldn’t mind seeing Hudson (or  Mulder) don their green and gold one last time but they’ll have to settle for this photo.

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