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Amidst ongoing court proceedings against high-ranking FIFA officials and near constant criticism regarding FIFA’s decision to play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the embattled governing body of soccer confirmed today that the 2022 World Cup will still be played in the Middle East country of Qatar in November of 2022.

FIFA’s executive committee confirmed that the tournament will begin on Nov. 21 and will last 28 days, concluding on Dec. 18.

One of many reasons why there has been so much backlash surrounding the 2022 World Cup relates to the oppressive heat that is synonymous with Qatar’s summer months, which is typically when the World Cup is played. According to Business Insider, the day before the 2014 World Cup began in Brazil, the temperature in Qatar was 117 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly 40 degrees hotter than the temperature in Rio De Janiero.

Due to the summer’s heat, the tournament has been moved to Qatar’s winter months, but the issue now is that soccer clubs from all of the major world league’s are in the middle of their respective season’s during that time. Even though the tournament has been shortened by four days, it will still cause nearly a month’s long disruption to all of the world’s soccer clubs.

Addtionally, FIFA has been under heavy fire due numerous reports of inhumane working conditions in Qatar that have lead – and will lead to – thousands of deaths of migrant workers tasked with constructing stadiums and infrastructure required for the small oil-rich country to host it’s first World Cup ever.

In June of this year, the BBC reported that roughly 1,200 workers had already died in Qatar as a result of the poor working conditions in the country.

On top of that, there has also been speculation regarding the means by which the country procured the vote for the World Cup from FIFA in 2010. In the wake of the bribery scandals that have surround FIFA, many have speculated that bribes and kickbacks were responsible for giving the country the 2022 World Cup.

Current FIFA president (who will be vacating his post at the end of this year) Sepp Blatter was set to hold a news conference in Zurich, Switzerland today regarding the news but that has been cancelled – possibly related to a New York Times report that says Switzerland has opened a criminal complaint against Blatter.

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