Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

There’s nothing like two middle-aged men having a war-of-words over a player with a career average of 8 points per game.

The beef between Doc Rivers and Mark Cuban has been ongoing since DeAndre Jordan reneged on a verbal agreement with the Mavs, only to return to the Clippers. Cuban has taken shots at Rivers, Jordan, and the entire Clippers’ organization and said he doesn’t think DJ can be a cornerstone player. (Then why did you offer $80 million to a ‘role’ player?) Cuban also recently said that Rivers’ professional life would’ve been over if Jordan has signed with the Mavs:

Well on Friday the Clippers held their 2015-16 season Media Day and Rivers responded to Cuban’s comments. Only he wasn’t interested in responding with just words but rather with actions:

I’m hoping for the latter and am eagerly awaiting Cuban’s response. He certainly has the means (and the money) to make this happen and he could even have all the proceeds go to charity. Cuban certainly isn’t a stranger to stepping into a ring and getting physical as seen from his appearance on WWE:


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