Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

When it comes to fantasy football and NFL players, there’s a great divide. Some players participate just like any other fan and always keep tabs on their team and their team. Others simply can’t stand fantasy football or the fans who sometimes root against their favorite NFL teams just in order to pull for their fantasy teams. Count the Broncos’ CJ Anderson as one of those NFL players who could not care less about fantasy football or the fantasy owners who are unhappy with his production thus far.

After a slow start with just 56 rushing yards through two weeks, Anderson was asked what he would say to those who spent an early pick on him, were dissatisfied with his production, and then lashed out at him on social media. Anderson was thoroughly blunt in his response to the Denver Post:

“I don’t go to other people’s jobs and tell them: ‘Hey, you (stink). You’re trash.’…You can sit me for 17 weeks. It would not bother me one bit. I don’t care. I saw something on ESPN: ‘Is C.J. Anderson a fantasy bust?’ I wish I could call ESPN and say: ‘Tell them to drop me… Every owner can drop me.’ “

Anderson hits on two things that players of yesteryear never had to deal with: the dynamics of fantasy football and social media. Both have seen a rise in use and popularity over the last decade and social media has provided a means for fans to express their unhappiness with their fantasy players – and to their fantasy players.

But social media works both ways and Anderson is using it to his advantage to hit back at the critics who complain about his fantasy production:

There are many NFL players who chase after stats, but CJ Anderson clearly is not one of them.

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