Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

The ongoing back-and-forth between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson regarding ‘God’s role in deciding football games‘ just won’t end. But this time it’s another Rodgers, Aaron’s little brother Jordan, who gave his two cents, albeit not in favor of the side you might expect.

Earlier this week Wilson said ‘remain humble in your victories and your losses’ after Rodgers said ‘God was a Packers fan tonight’ following Green Bay’s win over Seattle. Aaron hasn’t yet responded to Wilson’s comments on humility but Jordan Rodgers did with a tweet:




Jordan, who was a QB at Vanderbilt and did the NFL-practice squad circuit, obviously realized the mini-controversy his tweet could cause and soon deleted it. He then attempted to clarify his original tweet and re-iterated that he was not taking a side:

I don’t know if it’s the fact that the Pope is in the US that has everyone feeling the need to bring God into a conversation about football, but hopefully this is the last we hear of this situation. Wilson can officially end it by taking a page from Marshawn Lynch by wearing a Jordan Rodgers’ Vanderbilt jersey at Seahawks’ practice.

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