By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

Spanish sports commentators are some of my favorites because they get so excited when calling games. You’ve probably heard your fair share of “GOOOOOOAALLLLLLLL” calls over the years from seeing highlights of soccer and that’s what you primarily associate Spanish-language broadcasts with.  However, what you may not know is that many NFL teams also provide Spanish language radio broadcasts for fans to listen to.

That leads us to this past weekend when Cam Newton, QB  for the Carolina Panthers, pulled off a diving front flip into the end zone against the Houston Texans. The regular call on the Panthers radio broadcast sounded like this.

That’s pretty solid. Now, watch and listen to the Spanish-language radio call of the same play brought to you by Jamie Moreno and Luis Moreno Jr.

Awesome. My favorite part is the color analyst jumping in with the SportsCenter theme. “Na Na Na…Na Na Na.” Just brilliant.  The level of excitement really gives you an idea of how nuts the play was.

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