Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

They say “art imitates life” and the developers of NBA 2K16 really took that to heart.

The video game is being lauded for its realism involving the players within it. Earlier a trailer was released of Steph Curry’s free throw routine and, just like in real life, Curry’s mouthpiece makes an appearance in the video game.

Now they’ve extended their player authenticity to post game interviews. A new trailer that was just released shows Chris Bosh doing something he has become infamous for in his time in Miami. I’m sure you’ve seen this before:

Or this:

Well, 2K sports kept with their theme of realism and actually put Bosh’s photobomb into the 2K16 video game:

No word on what you have to do in the game for Bosh to appear. But if I’m playing with the Heat, I’m aiming for about 80 points with Dwyane Wade and will take my chances that Bosh will pop up in the post-game interview.

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