By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

The debate over paying college athletes has really exploded over the past several years.  From the attempt to unionize football players at Northwestern to the Ed O’Bannon case, to the cost of attendance stipends that the NCAA has now mandated, we’re seeing an evolution in how we approach big time college athletics and the athletes who participate.

Business Insider published a chart yesterday that took into account the amount of revenue that the 15 most profitable college football programs bring in and calculated what the average player would be worth at each of those schools.  They based the value off of the current NFL CBA in which the players get a 47% split of the revenue divided evenly by the 85 players on scholarship.  The results are pretty astounding.

Credit: Business Insider

Credit: Business Insider

Texas leads the way at an average player value of over 622,000 dollars. The average for all FBS football players sits at 149,000+ dollars. This chart just goes to show how much money there is in college athletics and how little of it is actually shared with the athletes.

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