Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Imagine playing a pickup basketball game with your friends and Kevin Durant walks through the door. Or imagine your a roller derby athlete and JJ Watt is there cheering you on. Those are just a couple of the scenarios which actually came into play during the filming of this American Family Insurance commercial. The two superstar athletes teamed up with the insurance company to flip the script on unsuspecting fans and they became the ones cheering and encouraging others.

The commercial was filmed in Madison, Wisconsin near the American Family headquarters just before Labor Day (I wonder how this escaped Hard Knocks as the cameras were seemingly glued to Watt). Below is some behind-the-scenes footage of the two surprising a mother and her child.

What do you think that runner at the end was thinking when he turned around and saw JJ Watt sprinting after him? I’m guessing it’s quite different than what any poor QB thinks in the same situation.

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