Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Last week we brought you UTSA’s David Morgan, literally, carrying an opponent to gain a first down. It reminded all football fans and aspiring players of the importance of leg day.

This week’s lesson is brought to us by Steven Daniels, a linebacker at Boston College. He, apparently, is an expert in leverage and conducted a seminar in the team’s loss to Florida State Friday night. Unfortunately, the victim of this lesson was Seminoles’ offensive lineman Kareem Are. Needless to say, Are is going to be hearing about this in film room this week:

That’s a 6’0″ 257 lb linebacker just blowing up a 6’6″ 334 lb lineman who gets too high off the snap. In football, the low man wins and Daniels, clearly, won this battle. It’s not like this is some Division III player either, as Are is a starter on a top-10 nationally ranked team and he was ranked the #1 guard coming out of JUCO in 2013.

Poor Dalvin Cook stood no chance as the ball carrier, but I doubt anyone is going to feel sorry for Cook after what he allegedly did in the offseason.

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