By Jake Brown

Former NFL Pro Bowl running back Willis McGahee joined us on Brown and Scoop on and iTunes. The former Ravens, Broncos, Bills, and Browns RB said he could still play in the NFL and start for the Dallas Cowboys.

“I can still play with some of these guys. The Browns got Duke Johnson, they’re alright. I’m more reaching for the Cowboys. Dallas Cowboys, you go ahead and bring me on in there.”

I asked could you start for the Cowboys right now.

“Yeah. Make it happen. I can start for whoever gives me a chance.”

McGahee also believes the Bills will go on a deep playoff run. He tells us the story of how his time ended in Buffalo and how what he said was taken out of context. Also, he talks about Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, his time at the University of Miami, and much more.

He begins talking about a potential NFL return at the 21:25 mark.

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