Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Are you one of those people who struggle to do two things simultaneously? Do you lack that left brain/right brain functionality that enables people to do two things at the same time?

This 11-year-old kid clearly does not.

He manages to play “Careless Whisper” on saxophone while juggling a soccer ball at the same time. In other words, he can do two things simultaneously that I can’t do either of individually:


That’s incredible hand/eye/mouth/foot coordination. But he doesn’t just stop there. He has another video that proves his skills are legit. In this video he manages to solve a Rubik’s cube while juggling:


My perfect attendance award as an 11-year-old suddenly doesn’t look as impressive.

Ross Kelly is an Associated Producer for CBS Local Sports. He is from Louisiana and is a fan of all sports, but not of any teams (except LSU). He can be reached at