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In their 27-14 dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts yesterday, the Bills looked like a poised and confident team. Mostly every facet of their game plan was well-executed and Buffalo showed that they might just be ready to compete with the big boys in the AFC this season.

Now, here’s a video of a possibly intoxicated Bills fan in a Mario Williams jersey whose performance was everything the Bills’ wasn’t: It was calamitous, and of course, hilarious.

My guess is this guy played one too many games of ‘Dizzy Bat’ even before the shooting of this video, and that’s why he ends up contributing an imprint of his face to the exterior design of a coach bus.

I’m no doctor, nor am I a friend of this man so I can’t be sure, but I’d imagine that even if he did make it into Ralph Wilson Stadium for his team’s impressive opening day victory, he probably doesn’t remember it for more reasons than one.

Remember Bills fans, it’s a new season. You don’t know yet whether mass quantities of alcohol or self-induced head injuries are the only way to stomach watching your team play anymore. Hope springs eternal for all!

Well, maybe some more than others. 

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