Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

A whole lot of things happened while Rex Ryan was the head coach of the New York Jets. Some of them were pretty good – like two AFC Championship game appearances. Some were pretty bad – like the 4-12 season that saw him finally run out of New York last year. Then there were some things that were just… uh, strange. That of course is where the story of Ryan’s foot fetish comes into play – specifically his wife’s feet – that had disappeared. Until now.

In 2010, a video purportedly of Ryan and his wife, Michelle, starring in a foot fetish video began making its way around the internet. The buzz subsided for a while, but now has returned thanks to new photo evidence in the case.

While posing for a photo at his desk for a shoot with North Shore Animal League America to support the protection of animals (a nice cause, by the way), Ryan either forgot to turn around, or put in a drawer, or do just about anything with a photo of a woman’s feet sitting directly over his shoulder in plain sight of the camera.

Credit: North Shore Animal League America/Facebook

Credit: North Shore Animal League America/Facebook

Now, perhaps Ryan is embracing his reputation as someone who has a foot fetish, or maybe he’s just trolling the world in as strange a way as possible.

Either way, the photo evidence speaks for itself.  Now, as Wes Welker would say, Ryan will have to put his best foot forward and either defend himself or accept the fact that the cat is out of the bag for good.

Your move, coach.

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