Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

The USMNT will have its biggest game since last year’s World Cup when it faces Mexico in October. As the winners of the 2013 Gold Cup (USMNT) and the 2015 Gold Cup (Mexico), this playoff game will determine who represents CONCACAF in the 2017 Confederations Cup. Mexico is wasting no time in getting its fans hyped for the match as they’ve gone the route of including Donald Trump’s controversial Mexican immigration comments in a highlight package of their team. The Mexican TV network Azteca, which also reaches 89% of Hispanic population in the US, created the highlight package which also includes pro-Mexican and anti-USMNT scenes:

Even if you will be rooting on the USMNT in the playoff game, you have to admit that this video was cleverly constructed. It didn’t come across as anti-American (politically) but seemed more of a reminder from the Mexican media to its viewers of Trump’s comments. This will surely rive up the Mexican team fan base that attends the game in the Rose Bowl.

The CONCACAF playoff game will be played on October 10 in Pasadena, CA. No word as of yet if Trump plans on attending.

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