Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Vernon Adams’ debut with the Oregon Ducks went about just as planned for the first three quarters against his former mates at Eastern Washington. He had nearly 350 yards of total offense and two touchdowns as the 2x Big Sky OPOY attempts to replace former Heisman winner Marcus Mariota.

However, in the fourth quarter things didn’t go to well for Adams as he was forced to leave the game after a brutal hit from an ex-teammate. On a scramble Adams picked up a first down and then clearly gave himself up by sliding. But redshirt sophomore linebacker John Kreifels led with his helmet and clearly targeted Adams at the end of his slide. Both players would end up leaving the game: Adams to injury and Kreifels was ejected for targeting the guy he shared a locker room with for the last two seasons:

Was this just an over-exuberant backup who’s trying to make a name for himself or did he and Adams have bad blood from their time as teammates? Kreifels certainly didn’t seem remorseful after his hit and ejection as he taunted fans on the way to the locker room.

By the way, the Ducks defeated EWU 61-42 in the first game of the post-Mariota era.

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