Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Texas is known for being obsessed with high school football so much so that the passion behind it rivals of that of many pro teams in the state. Texas even has gone so far as to adopt NCAA rules for their high school games and movies like Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights encapsulate the fervor surrounding the players and fans’ devotion to the game.

But two players clearly crossed the line in a game late Friday night. Marble Falls High defeated John Jay High (San Antonio) 15-9 but everyone is talking about the actions of two John Jay players late in the game. In the video below, you can see the two John Jay players lined up in the safety positions blatantly target a referee whose back was to them:


The first player runs square into the ref to knock him to the ground and then the second spears him in the back while he’s on the ground. The players were immediately ejected though it remains unclear why they went after the ref. John Jay’s coach, Gary Gutierrez, apologized for his players’ actions:

“I’ve coached 14 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The Northside ISD athletic director said the district and the University Interscholastic League, the governing body for high school athletics in Texas, will launch an investigation into the matter. Per AD Stan Laing, who also called the acts ‘very disturbing’:

“The question of what instigated that is what we’re trying to figure out.”

I’ve seen foreign basketball players attack referees before but I can’t ever recall seeing this in football. And high school kids!!!

I doubt these ‘players’ will be on the team much longer and I wouldn’t be surprised if they face legal action for their actions.

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