Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Like John Fox, Rex Ryan, and Bill Belichick before him, Chip Kelly also doesn’t see much value in keeping Tim Tebow on an NFL roster. That’s why the Eagles coach cut him on Saturday and basically said “he’s not good enough.”

However, Tebow does have value with marketers and endorsers. In fact his per-tweet value is higher than every other American football players, including the 1,696 who actually made NFL rosters. According to opendorse, a company who connects brand clients with athlete clients, it costs endorsers $17,000 in order to get Tebow to tweet something out on their behalf. Here is the top 10 list:

That list is a bit odd if you ask me. Reggie Bush second? Vick fourth? Half the guys on this list are about 3-4 years past their primes. But I guess just having a big name helps your value.

Also, it’s important to remember that you have to actually have a Twitter account in order to be on this list. That is likely why we don’t see guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady who are much too cool for Twitter.

If you’re wondering what athlete among all sports commands the largest value-per-tweet; that would be Cristiano Ronaldo who crushes the competition at over $260,000 per tweet. The highest American athlete is LeBron James at over $140,000 and he and Kevin Durant ($66,764) are the only Americans to place in the top 10.

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