By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

Matt Simms is an NFL quarterback.  That’s something that many of us cannot make a claim to and he should be proud of that fact.  The fact that he’s been a back-up mainly in his two years in the league doesn’t take away the fact that he’s good enough to make an NFL roster.

That all said, Simms is attempting to make the roster for the Buffalo Bills and was getting significant playing time in Buffalo’s final preseason game last night against the Detroit Lions. What he did with that playing time was mostly good. He completed 22/38 passes for 223 yards didn’t have a TD or an INT.

However, his attempt to avoid a sack by throwing the ball away late in the third quarter is a play he’d sooner try and forget.

Simms is lucky this was in a preseason game that 90% of the nation (conservative estimate) wasn’t watching. Otherwise this would become “Butt Fumble” 2.0.

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