Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

One of the highlights (or lowlights if you’re a Mavs fan) of the NBA offseason was the emoji war that came out of the DeAndre Jordan-spurning-Dallas-for-LA situation. Blake Griffin was one of many NBA players who used emojis to describe exactly how he would get from his home in LA to Jordan’s home in Houston. The emoji battle among the players was almost as big of a story as Jordan reneging on the Mavs.

Well, Blake is back at it again, this time using life-sized emojis. In a video produced by Red Bull, Blake is asked to answer common questions and describe his feelings by use of emojis:

His emojis for when ‘the whole squad is on point’ could seemingly have been used for the Clippers’ 2015 offseason:

‘Feel cool’ – signing Josh Smith on the cheap

‘Man I love my squad’ – trading Spencer Hawes and his man-bun for Lance Stephenson

‘We deserve a trophy’ – replacing Matt Barnes with Paul Pierce

‘Praise’ – DeAndre coming back

‘Kept it one hunnid’ – the Clippers outlook for the 2015-16 season

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