Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

On August 29, 2005, the streets of New Orleans were flooded after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast. Exactly 10 years later those same streets provided direction for Drew Brees as he walked home following a practice at Tulane Stadium. The Saints practiced Friday night and afterwards Brees took time to sign autographs. By the time he gathered his belongings it was past midnight and officially August 29, the same day that Katrina hit 10 years ago.

The Saints held much of training camp in Greenbrier, West Virginia and their normal practice facility is in Metairie, Louisiana. They decided to hold a “Friday Night Lights” of sorts in front of over 3000 fans at Tulane as their last training camp practice. With training camp now officially over, Brees even carried his own pads home during the two mile trek:

It’s unknown if Brees was even aware that it was past midnight and officially the anniversary, but it’s pretty cool to see he and Saints fans strolling through the city that has still not fully recovered from the storm. Upon waking on Saturday, Brees then took time to acknowledge the anniversary of Katrina:

The Saints will play their third preseason game at the Superdome on Saturday vs. the Texans.

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