By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

The next month and a half will see the release of the newest editions of multiple beloved sports video game franchises. Madden NFL 16 has already hit stores as of today, FIFA 16 and it’s new features will come out in late September along with the latest version of the NHL franchise.  All those games are a part of EA Sports empire, but there’s one sport that EA isn’t the king of the mountain in and that’s the NBA video game world.

NBA 2K16 has been the king of the hill for a while now when it comes to making NBA video games and this year looks to be no exception.  Just watch that trailer above and tell me what more you could want from a game.  This year we even get the signature celebrations and quirks of some of our favorite NBA players from Steph Curry chewing on his mouthpiece to James Harden’s, I mean Lil B the Based God’s “cooking” dance.

On top of all of that, this year has a new feature for the My Player mode that we get a sneak peek at in the last ten seconds.

From the looks of the trailer and from the rumors over the past couple months, it seems this year’s My Player mode will allow gamers to begin their career as a high school senior, choose the university they want to play college ball at before then heading into the NBA.  That would be no doubt the coolest feature to be added to a career mode in a very long time.

NBA 2K16 hits stores on September 29th.

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