Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Molly Huddle let a potential World Championship medal slip through her hands – by raising them in the air.

Huddle was running in the 10,000m race at the IAAF World Championships and was well on her way to a third-place finish and a bronze medal. However, she either ignored or forgot the infamous Chris Webber quote: ‘Run through the tape.’ As she approached the finish line, Huddle slowed down and raised her hand in victory right as another runner, teammate Emily Infeld, sprinted past her. As a result, Infeld bested Huddle by .09 and she is the American that leaves this race with a medal:


Afterwards, a disappointed Huddle explained her thought process:

“In that last half step, I just let up too much. Emily was right there the whole time with just more momentum. She got that bronze. It’s going to take a long time to get over. I just didn’t want to mess up on the last lap and I did. I don’t know when that chance will come again.”

Keep in mind that this was the difference between a bronze medal and no medal. The drop-off between those two may not be equal to going from gold to silver, but you have to think Huddle is even more upset at this result than if she had cost herself a potential silver medal and ended up with bronze instead. No one will probably even remember the name of the runner who won gold, but Huddle will become infamous after this. She obviously learned a very valuable lesson – one she wishes she didn’t have to experience first-hand.

At least this guy finally has some competition for worse showboat:


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