Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Two high schoolers equal one Shaq?

That’s how it appeared to be at the Under Armour Elite 24 game in Brooklyn on Saturday. In what is essentially a pre-season high school All-Star game, the top juniors and seniors in the country displayed their skills to a national audience. Two players in particular stood out and nearly brought down the house, literally.

#10 Michael Porter and #24 Bam Adebayo of Team Doo Be Doo (seriously?) both went for a put-back slam at the same time and both were successful. So if you were ever wondering what happens to a basketball goal when over 400 lb of teenager is hanging on it, here you go:

“I dunked and nearly collapsed a goal” is a pretty impressive thing for a teenager to put on his resume. I haven’t seen a rim sustain that much force since back in Shaq’s Orlando days:


Rims/backboards/stantions are now designed differently to allow for more pressure without collapsing. I guess they never prepared for two players to dunk simultaneously though. Back to the drawing board.

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