Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Add some more fuel to the fire that underlies the Lakers-Clippers rivalry.

On Friday Kobe Bryant was on hand for Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour in the Staples Center. (By the way, back in 1989 when Kobe was an 11 year old, he was living in Italy and supposedly beating future teammate Brian Shaw, then 23, in games of 1-on-1.) Kobe came on stage to congratulate Swift for her 16th sell-out in the arena. Sixteen also happens to be the number of championships that the Lakers have won and Kobe took the time to acknowledge both accomplishments:

“16 is a very special number here in Los Angeles because 16 is the same amount of championships we have as a Lakers franchise…On behalf of all of your fans here in Los Angeles, it is my honor to reveal, for the first time, your own championship banner here in Staples Center. It’s going to hang here. Forever.”

So, in case you’re keeping count of the banners hanging up in Staples Center, here is the current tally:

Lakers 16
Kings 2
Sparks 2
Taylor Swift 1
Clippers 0

Clippers coach Doc Rivers hasn’t been shy about covering up the Lakers banners in the past. Will he ask the Staples Center staff to cover up the T-Sizzle banner as well?

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