Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

This week has to unofficially be known as “Insane Fandom Week.”

A couple of days after some Ohio State Buckeye fans made a 7 hour, 19 mile walk to spell out ‘Script Ohio’ on Google Maps; another fan has done something to show their passion for their (I assume) favorite basketball players.

Courtesy of Darren Rovell, a fan has gotten headshots of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant tattooed on his/her calves. On the left calf is Kobe above the phrase “I Love” and on the right calf is Jordan above the phrase “This Game.”

I must say those are pretty accurate depictions of the two all-time greats and it looks like the early-30s versions of both players.

If you have time to kill and don’t mind some NSFW humor, I would scroll through the comments on that Twitter post. A couple of the best comments (that can be posted here):


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