Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

In 2011 Victor Cruz burst onto the national scene as New York’s latest athlete superstar. He was famous for his amazing catches, the flair for the dramatic, and the “Salsa.” Three years later it was Deja vu for Big Blue as Odell Beckham became the latest Toast of New York as Cruz suffered a season-ending injury. The two played only 60 snaps together but fans are hoping that’s just an average game’s worth for this upcoming year. However, natural tendency has us wondering if Cruz is perhaps a bit jealous at being bumped off the top spot of the Giants’ receiving core for the new kid in town. Rather than run from the awkwardness that is coming from the media constantly asking Cruz about being replaced, he and Beckham filmed a commercial for Foot Locker where they tackled the issue head-on.

See what Cruz is really thinking about Odell Beckham:


It’s good to see that the two can make light of what could potentially be a sticky situation. But it is still preseason and let’s see if the two are all smiles during the regular season if one feels there not getting as many balls thrown their way as they believe they should be. Regardless, this is music to the ears of Eli Manning who can still lay claim to the fact that he and “Bad Comedian Eli Manning” are better actors than Cruz and Beckham.

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