Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

There’s a good reason why they’re watching instead of playing.

That notion was apparently lost for Justin Rose during the third round of the PGA Championship. The fans at Whistling Straits are exactly that: fans. However, Rose allegedly caved into the advice of one of the bystanders and it ended up costing him a stroke.

On the 11th hole, a 618 par five, Rose had an opportunity for an eagle by sinking a putt. As he approached the green he heard a fan say, ‘Everybody has been missing that putt left’ and Rose admits that the comment affected his eagle putt which he ended up missing:

“I was kind of mugged a little bit by a fan in the crowd shouting ‘everybody has been missing that putt left’. I got up to it and it kind of looked like it could swing quite a bit right to left, and I definitely pushed it a little bit off the blade. I kind of got suckered in to that one a bit.”

He would birdie the putt but knows that he may have possibly left a stroke out there by falling victim to the peanut gallery. He finished the round (-12) tied for third place and three back from the leader Jason Day (-15).

It wouldn’t surprise me if this type of thing occasionally happens in golf as the patrons are sometimes right on top of the golfers. But it is surprising that a pro golfer would actually admit to listening to the crowd.

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