Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Despite the NFL sending out a memo regarding fighting to all 32 teams, some players are still bracing for competitive, and possibly confrontational, practices with other teams. On Monday and Tuesday the Bills will host the Browns for a pair of joint practices. The two will then travel to Cleveland to engage in a preseason game on Thursday.

When asked to summarize what you can expect from the upcoming joint practices, Browns linebacker Karlos Dansby was rather terse:

“Fireworks, man, fireworks.”

Dansby then expanded on what the team’s mindset is approaching the opportunity to hit someone other than themselves:

“We’re on a mission. We’ve got a vision, but if that line gets crossed then we’re going to cross it. Sometimes, it’s unnecessary and sometimes you have to take it to that next level. If that line gets crossed, like I say, then it is what it is.”

With the changes in the CBA regarding fewer practices, and less hitting in those practices, many teams are using joint practices as a way to revive the competitive juices. This will be the first time the Browns engage in a joint practice in more than a decade.

The two teams are also pretty similar when it comes to their philosophies and head coaches. They both want to be known as hard-hitting, defense-first teams in the AFC. Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine coached together for 11 years on the staffs of the Ravens and Jets so these teams could feasibly be seen as mirror images and if that’s the case; then we can expect fireworks from both sides.

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