Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Even though he’s one of the greatest golfers ever, and also 45 years old, Phil Mickelson found his inner 8-year-old self when he encountered a hill at the PGA Championship. While walking down the 8th fairway (his 17th hole) at Whistling Straits; Mickelson saw a hill and a piece of cardboard. Any kid would see these two, add them up, and take a little joyride down the hill. Mickelson decided not to suppress that inner child that is within all of us, saddled up, and went for a (bumpy) little ride:


After birdying two of the previous three holes, Mickelson was obviously in a good mood and for good reason. The birdies enabled him to finish at +1 which is also the projected cut line. It’s a far cry from the second place finish he had at the PGA Championship in 2014, but still, his current standing was enough to give us this classic clip of one of golf’s all-time greats.

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