Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

The Lions and Jets both made their preseason debuts Thursday night at Ford Field. During pre-game announcements, the stadium’s PA announcer went through all of the inactive players for each side. Of course, with Geno Smith nursing a broken jaw suffered at the hands of a now ex-teammate, he was one of the Jets’ inactives. Whether intentional or not, Ford Field was playing The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” when making the Geno announcement.


Yes, the song is the number 1 on the Billboard 100 so it is obviously popular; but you have to think the Lions purposely did this. They probably thought of it as soon as the news of the sucker punch broke and just sat on it for two days before unleashing it to the delight of everyone (except Jets fans) on Thursday night. Per Josh Katzenstein, the Lions beat writer for the Detroit News:

The reference to “Never Scared” is when former Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz returned to Detroit last season as a coach on the Bills. As the coach of the Lions, Schwartz had famously said after a botched fake field goal that he “ain’t scared.”

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