Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

Of course the team who has Richie Incognito would be involved in hazing.

The “tradition” of hazing rookies had seemingly been eradicated following the hazing/bullying scandal involving former Dolphins Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Martin recently retired and Incognito signed with the Bills after sitting out the 2014 season.

Most rookie initiations these days usually involve singing your school’s fight song or paying for the veterans’ dinner bill. But, if your into this type of thing, hazing appears to be alive and well at Buffalo Bills’ training camp. Second-round rookie cornerback found that out after a recent Bills practice as he was taped to a goalpost and had ice water dumped on his head:

Perhaps the Bills knew the only way to get a hold of Darby was to tape him up as there’s no way they are going to run him down. Darby is a world class sprinter who won a bronze medal in the 200m at the 2011 World Youth Championships.

The Bills must be taking cues from Incognito on how to “correctly” haze a rookie. The Jets recently hazed rookie Lorenzo Mauldin in a situation that also involved tape; albeit the Jets’ “hazing” was substantially tamer than the Bills version.

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