Ross Kelly, CBS Local Sports

The DeAngelo Hall-DeAndre Hopkins beef has made its way from a Redskins-Texans practice to Hard Knocks and now to social media. The beef started on a play in which Hall wasn’t even involved during last week’s joint practice. Hopkins made a catch on a Redskins cornerback which prompted Hall to say he couldn’t do that to him. A war of words then started between the two with Hopkins offering the infamous quote, “I fear God.”

Then on the debut of Hard Knocks Hopkins ran a comeback route that made Hall look every bit like a cornerback on the wrong side of 30. The vine of the clip makes you think blew out a knee or dislocated a hip when he awkwardly fell to the ground. The clip also made Hall one of the most popular trends on Twitter on Tuesday night.

Then on Thursday Hall took a “shot” at Hopkins with the following tweet:

Hopkins wasted no time in responding:

Hopkins Twitter handle is apropos as “Nuk” just dropped one on Hall. Yes, Hall is a 3x Pro Bowler with 43 career interceptions, but he also had nearly as many Achilles’ tendon tears (2) as games played (3) in 2014. He should focus on staying on the field (and staying upright) before taking swings at one of the best young receivers in the game.

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