By Ross Kelly

D’Angelo Russell, the second overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, is certainly not short on confidence. In college at Ohio State Russell chose to wear number 0. Why 0? Because in his words: “zero people can guard me.”

After being drafted by the Lakers, Russell said he would wear Number 1 because, in his words, “I should have been the No. 1 pick.” It’s clear that the Lakers didn’t draft a wallflower and Russell will be looking to make an impact right away.

At the annual NBA rookies photo shoot on Saturday, Russell showed some of his skills and his swagger. First, he sinks a backwards, half-court, one-handed shot. Then he strikes a familiar pose reminiscent of a current Lakers legend:


Russell may not yet have Kobe’s game, but he might me the Mamba’s equal in terms of confidence. I wonder if Russell will have the “huevos” to actually pull that move off in front of Kobe.

But who’s mock-Kobe fist pump was better: Russell’s or Twitter star, and basketball impersonator, Brandon Armstrong’s:

Ross Kelly is an Associated Producer for CBS Local Sports. He is from Louisiana and is a fan of all sports, but not of any teams (except LSU). He can be reached at