By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

Tiger Woods’ struggles at this point have been well covered.  His niece Cheyenne is having a tough year as well on the LPGA tour sitting 116th in the Race to the CME Globe points standings and 295th in the Rolex rankings.  Keep in mind however that this is her first year on the tour.  Woods has been golfing since she was five like her uncle Tiger and it looks like she’s picked up a few of his tricks along the way.

That’s pretty impressive.  The slow motion to me makes it look easier than I know it actually is because the reaction time and hand eye coordination needed there is ridiculous. Where does this trick come from? Well, you may not remember this Nike commercial but Woods starred in it early in his career.

It’s not the first time Woods has shown off her ability to do the juggling act either. In an Instagram post from about 11 months ago, she posted a video of her going through the full routine.

She makes this look really easy.

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