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If a former NFL star wide receiver sent a tweet challenging you to a FIFA 15′ matchup, would you think he was serious?

Well, if the NFL star in question is Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco), you better believe he is. After landing in Richmond, Virginia by accident, according to Johnson’s Twitter, Johnson hit up Twitter in search of an opponent in FIFA 2015 and the offers came tumbling in.

Johnson accepted this lucky fan’s challenge and then got himself in an Uber and headed towards the fan’s house.

But of course, not without a little bit of smack talk en route.

He had plenty of time to think up some great jabs since the Uber from Richmond to Norfolk took approximately one hour and 45 minutes. That’s devotion. On the part of the driver too.

Anyway, after driving an hour and 45 minutes and showing up and talking all that smack, Johnson lost the first game of the contest 4-3. Not exactly backing up that social media bravado.

But Johnson managed to win the rematch and save some face.

Win or lose, it was a pretty cool move by Johnson and love or hate the man and his antics, it’s pretty hard to deny that he’s one of the most colorful characters to ever come out of the NFL.

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So remember fans, if an athlete issues a challenge on Twitter, don’t think they won’t come to your house, raid your fridge, and try and beat you down in whatever game you two decided on.