By Ryan Mayer CBS Local Sports

You may remember Robert Allenby from the strange incident earlier this year in which he alleged that he had been kidnapped while at a resort in Hawaii.  Well, the strange year continued for Allenby yesterday at the RBC Canadian Open.

Midway through his round, the 44 year old Australian was looking at a 3rd shot from 150 yards away on a par 5 when he got into an argument with caddie Mick Middlemo.  According to accounts, Middlemo was suggesting Allenby use an 8-iron, wile Allenby decided to go with a 7-iron promptly splashing his shot into a creek leading to a triple bogey on the hole.

From there, the disagreement between the two only got worse. Allenby and Middlemo gave two different accounts to two different publications.  First, Allenby speaking to

“I said to him, ‘You know this happens every week. This has happened for like the last three or four or five months. We keep making bad mistakes and you’re not helping me in these circumstances,’” Allenby said after his round of 81. “And he just lost the plot at me. He just told me I could go eff myself. And I said, ‘Look, you need to slow down. I mean just calm down.’ And then he just got right in my face as if he wanted to just beat me up. I said, ‘Stop being a such and such and calm down and get back into the game.’ And he just got even closer and closer and I just said, ‘That’s it, you’re sacked.” I said, ‘I will never have you caddie ever again.’ And we never spoke for the rest of the (first nine) and when we got to 18 we walked off and he said some smartass remark to me and I said, ‘You don’t deserve to be caddying out there.’ And he just got right in my face and threatened me so I said, ‘Go.’ So he left.”

Middlemo offered a different version of events to

He told me “I’m so sick of this fu—– bu—— you c—.” “I said, ‘Look, if you want someone to abuse, get someone out of the parking lot,’”

Allenby finished up the round with a fan on his bag for the final 9 holes after Middlemo walked off following the 18th hole. Allenby carded an 81 and withdrew from the tournament after the round. Middlemo also said to GolfChannel that this was the 4th time a caddie has walked off in the middle of a round with Allenby. It hasn’t been a good year on the tour for the Aussie who is currently 180th in the FedEx Cup standings with 1 Top 10 finish on the year and 12 missed cuts.

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