By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

FIFA was holding a press conference this morning to presumably address calls for president Sepp Blatter’s resignation.  The world governing body for soccer finally announced today that there will be an election for a new president on February 26th of next year.  Today’s press conference was believed to be called in order to address the possibility of an earlier resignation for FIFA’s embattled head man.  However, the presser was disrupted by a crasher (reportedly English comedian Simon Brodkin) who found his way to the podium and as he was being corralled by the authorities decided to “make it rain” on the FIFA president.

Just a fantastic commentary on Blatter’s reign as president of the organization that is now facing multiple executives being investigated for allegations of corruption. There are few things that someone could have done that would have been better than this.  Maybe handing Sepp an unmarked briefcase full of fake bills instead? Regardless, gotta love the effort here.

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