Welcome to CBS Local Sports “Week In Review” where we take a look at the best/worst happenings in the world of sports.

Ryan: Well Bryan, this was the dead week of sports. That didn’t stop sports fans from getting mad about something though, as the outrage continued to be over the selection of Caitlyn Jenner for the Arthur Asche Award for Courage at the ESPY’s. Just goes to show, we as sports fans will find a way to be indignant about anything, including awards shows.

Bryan: The only thing I’m angry about from the ESPY’s was that atrociously awful skit with Ken Jeong, Joel McHale (who I enjoyed otherwise) and the most uncomfortable looking Alex Rodriguez I’ve ever seen in my life. Seriously, he could have been lying on a bed of broken glass and looked more relaxed. And that whole “I’m sorry” bit? Cringeworthy at best.

But yeah, other than the ESPY’s and The Open, it’s been a slow go. Let’s talk about the biggest topic of the week – #PrimeDayFail. Ryan, I’ve got to be honest, as a Jets fan, I’m used to disappointment, but this might have taken the cake. Did you snag yourself a hot pair of granny panties or an industrial-sized thing of floss before inventory ran out, oh, um, three seconds after it went on sale?

Ryan: Tim Baffoe covered the Caitlyn Jenner “controversy” very eloquently I have nothing else to add.  As for #PrimeDayFail, I’m not an Amazon Prime member so sadly no I couldn’t cash in on buying a multi-tool jacket for my lighter. What a shame that’s everything I ever wanted and more.

The only thing I can think of any time I hear disappointment or letdown is this clip from Family Guy:

Sorry Mets fans, I know that’s no longer true, but it gets me everytime. That’s pretty much how most people felt about #PrimeDay. On the Open front, was anything funnier than the burn AARP delivered on Tiger Woods?

I mean that’s straight fire emoji right there.

Bryan: I’m proud to say that I live in a world where an organization like the AARP has embraced the “snarkyness”  of Twitter to further piledrive Tiger Woods into the ground. But seriously, what in the world is up with Tiger Woods? He’s a shell of himself and it’s pretty hard to watch even though, admittedly, I was never the biggest Tiger fan.

Still, I’d be remiss if I spent too much time talking about what Tiger can’t do on the course without focusing on what Jordan Spieth is up to yet again. This kid is really special. As he said, he doesn’t have the raw ability of a Dustin Johnson, but if he’s so level-headed, so confident on the course, and he’s really just fun to watch. I’m hoping he pulls it off this weekend, but ideally not at the expense of another D.J. 18th hole meltdown.

Ryan: Tiger doesn’t even know what’s going on with him right now and I’m not a certified psychologist so I have 0 idea. It’s sad because I always enjoyed watching Tiger growing up (before the whole sex scandal thing).  Spieth on the other hand is looking to make us all say “Tiger who?” sooner rather than later. At 21 I’m not sure I’ve seen a kid with more poise on the golf course. For me at 21, golf was simply an excuse to drink during the day.  With golf on the brain, who do you think takes home the trophy this weekend? Will Spieth take the first three legs of the Grand Slam?

Bryan: I honestly can’t bet against Spieth, but I really like the way Zach Johnson has carried himself this weekend. His pinpoint accuracy in these wild and windy conditions could prove to be the difference maker. Otherwise, I think Dustin Johnson could also shake off his major championship demons and claim his first. Who am I rooting for. John Daly. Can’t believe I couldn’t find these pants on Amazon Prime for #PrimeDay.

It’s going to be a great weekend of golf for sure. Let’s venture over to the ESPYS once more really quickly. Ronda Rousey is becoming a bona-fide superstar in and out of the octagon. Plus, she made some fast friends with her pointed Floyd Mayweather comments. That was a TKO to be sure.

Ryan: Those pants are phenomenal I want a pair. And I’m going to go with D.J. finally pulling off the major win this weekend.  That’s my call. Ronda Rousey stays winning.  And we start the second half of the MLB season this weekend. Halfway through summer already!

Bryan: Scary to think about. But hey, looking forward to some second half baseball. I’ve already given my bold predictions for the second half of the MLB season, any bold predictions you feel like sharing with the group?
Ryan: I think the Phillies will win the the World Series. The end.