By Ross Kelly

Yep, this guy.

The 5’8″ slot receiver for the Cowboys, who has to stand on his tippy toes to look Wes Welker in the eyes, could be the best dunker in a league loaded with elite athletes.

After seeing Odell Beckham’s dunk, Beasley flamed the Cowboys-Giants rivalry with a little trash talk to ODB and then attempted to one-up his WR counterpart. Beasley took to Instagram to show off his hops with a reverse, bring-it-down-to-your-legs slam.


Cole Beasley: dispelling myths left and right.

For what it’s worth, both Beasley and Beckham recorded verticals of 38″ at their pro days but Beasley gets the edge as he’s three inches shorter than Beckham. As a fellow member of the 5’8″ club who struggles to even get rim, I salute Beasley for his ups and his creativity.

So is Beasley truly the NFL’s best dunker? I have a hard time believing any player can top that video. Remember, it always looks cooler when a little guy dunks which is why we loved Spud Webb and Nate Robinson. A 6’4″ guy doing the same thing just isn’t as aesthetically pleasing. So unless Darren Sproles gives us a 360 windmill, Beasley is king.

Afterwards, Beasley got some love on twitter from former SMU teammate Emmanuel Sanders and from the NBA Live twitter account:

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